Shea Cashmere & Silk Hand Cream

Hands, without them, I couldn’t do much, and neither could you. They are very important part of my body because it does a lot of work. I value my hands so much! I could not imagine my life without being able to touch, feel, write, do the household chores etc. It feels really horrifying if I lose any of my hands.

We all want beautiful hands, right? So we need to wash them so often and treat them well and hands creams or lotions are one of the best ultimate stuff must have. I always wanted my hands to be always smells good and feels soft after washing them. So,Shea Cashmere & Silk Hand Cream is one of the most reliable products for natural skin care that really works. The African Shea butter rich formulation deeply moisturizes my skin but my most favorite thing about this product is the Silk proteins that help soften condition and hydrate my skin which means, you will have a healthy glowing skin throughout the day.

Notice the picture below. You will see the difference! It really made my hands feel super soft, clean and younger looking. I loved how easily this one sank in, and the fragrance was really fresh and neutral because of the irresistible blend of almond blossom, vanilla, and creamy sandalwood of this product. Plus, it won’t leave your hands greasy. I am impressed with this product. This has got to be one of my favorite hand creams of all time.

How about you, what hand cream do you often use? Please  feel free to share yours in a comment section. Have a great day!


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10 Responses to Shea Cashmere & Silk Hand Cream

  1. Lisa Mona says:

    I love take good care of my hands by sanitizing it. Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refereshing Aloe is my favorite 🙂 Great post! I’ll try this one.

  2. I use all different lotions for my hands. My favorite recently has been “Everyday Shea” moisturizing lotion- it’s fair trade and it’s only made of a few simple ingredients with no crazy chemicals. I really liked it and need to get some more! 🙂

    • Nizy says:

      I should try that one Jenn. It’s good to try different products sometimes. Is it availabe in Target?

      • I have only seen it at places with natural products like Whole Foods and smaller health food stores- but it is affordable- for $10 I got a HUGE bottle that lasted a few months. If there is one of those around you, you may find it there!

  3. Avec Veritas says:

    These creams seem to be great. I also had to make a post about this because when I tried it from a colleague I was really impressed!! 🙂 Vera

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  5. Oriflame says:

    De har alla blivit en vanlig ingrediens i den svenska matlagningen.
    Better news is that people on the Internet love to share their knowledge with others involved in home business and online business.
    This is only a partial list of MLM companies, there are more.

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