Beauty, Health and Wellness

intra This company and its products already exists in a decades, since 1989. And their mission is to provide health and wellness solutions and help people live better every day. We’re living in a world where we easily get ill because of the food and air pollution we’re taking. So, to prevent all of these and to enjoy good health, lose weight, and fight the signs of aging, Lifestyles Company has something for all of us. The company provided us 3 solutions to help us live a better life.

1.) POWERFUL INTRA→ it will prevent you from any types of deceases and will help you cure your illnesses. After taking few bottles you will surely see the results. It is proven and effective! One of my cousins  used it and her migraine, UTI, Stress and Chronic Fatigue Symptoms (depressions) has gone. These are the reasons why I am confident enough to introduce you this product. Because I want to help you to choose the right choice. Intra is made up of 23 combined herbals food supplements that makes it very effective.
2.) NUTRIA → the natural and powerful antioxidant has the same effect with glutathione. This kind of glutathione is all natural so, worry not! For any side effects because it’s made up of 20 fruits and vegetables and it’s also the best anti-cancer food supplements because it has SelenoExcell / selenium that protects our cells.
3.) FIBRELIFE→ good for diabetes, obesity, hypertension (with high blood pressure) and heart disease. WORTH THE PRICE!

So, If you want to purchase this products, contact these numbers: (International: 011-639-285351555,  011-639-225559082)  (Local: 09285351555, 09225559082) Or you can just email @


”Being healthy is one of my greatest possessions. And being pretty is one of my greatest joy.”


About Niziel Enok

A God-fearing Woman, a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things she likes to do, to see, and to experience. She don't fall in love with perfection. She fall in love with people that are broken & full of scars. The people with stories to tell. The people with patched up hearts, she love them the most. Click the links below to know more about her.
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25 Responses to Beauty, Health and Wellness

  1. Having good health is important! Thanks for the reminder.

    • Nizy says:

      Anytime Kajsa! Yep, having good health is more important. Its really a point of view and a mental attitude you have about yourself.

  2. Great article! I couldn’t agree more about the connection between good health and beauty. From your nails to your skin to your hair, taking care of yourself, eating a healthy, nutrient-dense diet, drinking enough water, and getting sufficient sleep are more important than any beauty product!

    I can’t wait to try these suplements!

  3. Mrs. Gaeul says:

    Good reminder to look after your health. 😉
    I recently started taking supplements and I can say it has definitely affected my energy level and overall wellbeing. Unfortunately our diets just don’t let us get the nutrients that we used to get years ago. 😦

  4. I heard of gluthatione Niz, it’s quite popular in Philippines right now actually. It’s pretty good! Have you heard of the brand Alive? xx

    • Nizy says:

      Yep dai. Gluthatione is known for whitening in the Philippines. Pero haven’t tried it dai.

      • akirahbabe says:

        Yes indeed ate donah ^_^ It’s popular here 🙂 Have tried drinking for 2 months and It really lighten up my skin. 🙂 I love this article Nizy 🙂 Staying fit, healthy & beautiful! 🙂

  5. Reezki says:

    great post dear, we should be more concern about our health 🙂

  6. A good health its so basic for beauty. People think that makeup and lotion its all you need, but the truth its that a shiny hair and glowing skin comes from eating the right kind of veggies and fruits and incorporating healthy oils and vitamins into your diet.
    Great post!
    GIG Co-Founder

  7. Lisa says:

    fantastic article and the good reminder that having good health is connected to beauty. I sometime forget :p xx

  8. Great post. We all should be healthy and of course beautiful inside and out 🙂

  9. Liss Cope says:

    Nice post hun! Beauty is not just from the outside but the inside as well, this looks fab and would love to try! ^_^ big hugs ❤

  10. fantastic article! i totally agree with the phrase “Being healthy is one of my greatest possessions. And being pretty is one of my greatest joy” x

  11. Loila L. says:

    Great post Nizy! Very interesting and helpful. I love the last phrase. So true!

    Followed you on bloglvin and tweeter. ❤ #gigbloggers ^_^

  12. I love to eat healthy food and vitamins. I know how important they are for our skin and body. It’s never enough talking about this.
    mari (GIG love tag)

  13. Lucy says:

    What a great post. It is certainly important to be healthy!

    Kisses, Lucy 🙂

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