Having a pretty face won’t cover a stinky breath!

Being beautiful is not all about having a pretty face. It’s not all about your outward appearances. A complete package, so to speak. You are extremely hot and pretty but have a stinky breath? That would be totally turned OFF! Even if you’ll cover your face with makeups, ALL is NOTHING! Bad breath is an instant social turn-off. Having this kind of problem is an absolute disaster.

According to my Medical encyclopedia, bad breath also called “halitosis” is a condition you can have and not be aware of. Cupping your hands in front of your mouth and sniffing the breath you generate will not delineate for you that you have a stinky breath. In reality,  the flagitious odor comes from the back of the throat, from bacteria that lurk under your tongue, on the surface of your tongue and can also come from bacteria under your gum tissue and expelled only when you speak. None of us wants to have bad breath; however, everyone gets it, or at least some people worries about it, sporadically. The good news is that stinky breath can often be prevented with some simple steps.

  • First, brush your teeth routinely. Brush your gums, tongue, and sides of your cheeks because plaque and germs sleeps there too. Bad breath usually occurs from your tongue and gums. But sometimes, brushing is not enough.
  • So, floss your teeth regularly. Flossing is very important in removing constituent part of food from your teeth and it also prevents tooth decay. Many types of floss are available, either from your dentist or local retailer. Choose one that will surely meet your needs.
  • Rinse your mouth with mouthwash before going to bed in the evening and in the morning or after brushing your teeth. Gargling really helps! Have you tried gargling at the back of your throat with your favorite mouthwash? That is what I usually do. With this matter, I normally used TheraBreath Formula created by International Bad Breath Expert Dr. Harold Katz. mouthwashThis is the most guaranteed effective oral care product that I’ve ever used. One thing I love about this product is its naturally oxygenating. It work instantly and no alcohol and artificial flavors added. It feels like you are gargling purified water. TheraBreath formula is my helpmate of having fresh breath all day long.

What mouthwash do you often use? Please feel free to share yours in a comment section.


About Niziel Enok

A God-fearing Woman, a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things she likes to do, to see, and to experience. She don't fall in love with perfection. She fall in love with people that are broken & full of scars. The people with stories to tell. The people with patched up hearts, she love them the most. Click the links below to know more about her.
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3 Responses to Having a pretty face won’t cover a stinky breath!

  1. So true! You have to pay attention first to your oral hygiene before putting your makeup on. Love this post Nizy.

    • Nizy says:

      Thank you Jaz… xx I am more cognizant about my oral hygiene, my hair, my nails and my personal… you know… more than anything else. LOL

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