WISHTREND (Korea’s BEST Beauty Products)

Which Company of Korea that provides the most exquisite beauty products? If you’ll ask me the same question, I would enthusiastically say, ‘’WishTrend is a total stand out! ‘’ The company vividly provides the latest beauty trends directly from Korea. I reviewed and read the overview of the company and I am convinced that they will help you meet your needs to look more fab.

WishTrend subsists for an exquisite mission that is to help us be more FABULOUS! Their products are pretty affordably priced, and I’ve found it to work well. I used some of their products and they are extremely good, customizable, and reasonable. Most of their products are organic. Usually when product is organic it means that it’s less likely to choke the pores of your skin, and no harsh chemicals added. Since, I created this blog to help you boost your confidence and to help you find the right product to used. I recommend

for you to look vibrantly stunning! In a world where products, markets, and industry boundaries are in flux, a well-equipped company can be a prime source to meet our needs. WishTrend is such a strong force that anything from salt to lemon juice and water is blended. Click here to see the roles of the company which serves you many purposes. Why are you going to choose WishTrend? The answer is HERE! The company focused on you and all your beauty needs to help you find your way to beautiful.

The following are just some of my favorite products from Wishtrend:


[CAOLION] Pore Minimizing Pack Skin Elasticity UP, Minimizing Pores OK! It helps to make the enlarged pores elastic and soothe skin troubles. And it delivers moisture and enough nutrition to the skin with natural ingredients. + Best Pore Size Minimizing Pack in Korea.

[Ciracle] Red Spot White Serum Vitamin-C Advanced C 15 Serum has been upgraded to Red Spot White Serum. Certified of whitening functionality from KFDA + Skin relief / nourishing and hydration + Exfoliation / skin texture smoothening + Trouble care and calming down + Skin tone improvement + Botanic nutritional ingredients

[SKIN & LAB] New Zealand Bedrock Water Clearing Moisture New Zealand’s pristine natural bedrock aquifers containing minerals in the skin, dead skin cells blocking pores, as well as waste missions by managing effectively controlsexcess sebum secretion, have the ability to retain and enhance moisture quickly andprovides lasting hydration. Brand : SKIN & LAB Dry Skin or Trouble skin Volume: 50ml Made in Korea

For Makeup

[Lyramoa] Water Drop Mineral Powder For your dry skin! For the lack of moisture ! Whenever use it, Before and after make-up ! Brand : Lyramoa All skin Type Volume: 8g Made in Korea

[Rojukiss] Spot Light BB Cream experience a 180′ change to your skin with Rojukiss. It covers blemishes and creates natural skin tone and can replace foundation or makeup base. Brand : Rojukiss Oily Skin Type (Combination Skin) Volume : 50ml Made in Korea

[Elishacoy] Skin Repairing Snail Essence A double-functional (whitening + anti-wrinkle) essence provides superior skin cell regeneration to damaged (aged) skin and restores it to its original condition. WE ALSO RECOMMEND : [Elishacoy] Skin Repairing Snail Skin Lotion [Elishacoy] Skin Repairing Snail Cream [Elishacoy] Skin Repairing Snail Eye Balm Brand : Elishacoy All Skin Types Volume : 40ml Made in Korea


[Perfumelifer] AIR de Salon Air De Salon Artistic is warm, and musky and sexy perfume. it has a clean soap smell, but at the same time, it is very woody and thick Volume : 45ml / 1.5 Fl. Oz. Brand : Perfumelifer Made in Korea

Body Care

[HELLOEVERYBODY] Remodeling Body Scrub(500g) Rich mineral sea salt makes your skin brilliant. Remodeling Body Scrub has effective on exploiting dead skin cells. WE HAVE SMALL SIZE ALSO : [HELLOEVERYBODY] Remodeling Body Scrub(80g) Brand : HELLOEVERYBODY All Skin Type Volume : 500g (Big Size) Made in Korea

Hair Care

[Confume] Argan Treatment Ampoule – The customized treatment ample for the recovery of damaged hair protects both the surface and inner structure of the hair at the same time. – Argan oil takes care of inner structures of damaged hair to provide nutrition and protect the original healthiness of the hair. – Prevents the tip of the hair splitting and if used regularly, provides not only elasticity but also luster and flexibility to the hair. Brand : Confume Volume : 15ml * 5ea For Damaged Hair Made in Korea

So, these are just few of my favorites. For more choices and fabulous products, visit WishTrend to get one that suit your needs.


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18 Responses to WISHTREND (Korea’s BEST Beauty Products)

  1. Such a fabulous site to visit. I’m on my way there. Got to order one for me. Love the fragrance.

  2. Donah D. says:

    Awesome Nice! Does this mean you’re part of Project B? 😉 xx Donah

    • Nizy says:

      Kinda Don 🙂 not sure pa murag part ni sa challenge mupili kuno sila ug top 3 blogger. Hopefully mapilian. Hehehe xx umwah! :* 😉

  3. Thanks for adding another positive post about WishTrend 🙂

  4. those sounds like some great products

  5. Interesting collection of product

  6. Lucy says:

    Thoose products sounds amazing!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Style Without Limits

  7. i’ve heard so much about wishtrend and i see some products that really interest me! 😀

  8. Alia says:

    Great to know that Wishtrend carries such great products!

  9. Thanks for the suggestions hun, these products look great!

  10. Ashley Pena says:

    I’m on a Korean kick lately thanks to SNSD. I def need to check this out!

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