Essence Stay All Day Long-Lasting Eyeshadows


IMG_1981When I was done hoarding the eyeliners and lip liners (soon!) from Essence, I looked around for other stuff but aside from the liners, these cream eyeshadows caught my eye. I’m still very much into anything cream and it won’t go away anytime soon. However, affordable drugstore cream eyeshadows are so rare or don’t exist here. Maybelline counters here don’t carry the Eye Studio Color Tattoo Cream Gel Shadows and I haven’t checked if L’Oreal counters sell the Infallible Shadows. You have to get it from online sellers at a premium. I haven’t even seen a local brand carry one too. Very odd.


01 Coppy Right – metallic taupe-brown

09 For Fairies – metallic pink

I couldn’t find this product in their website. I’m not sure if they discontinued it or what. I noticed that Essence change their colors every so often and you hardly have the same shades per collection…

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