GiG Spotlight Series #5: Spring Fever!

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Hello everyone! You’ve probably wondered when we’re going to do another Spotlight Series, right? Well, wonder no more!

We’d like to invite you all to our 5th Spotlight Series, called, wait for it… Spring Fever!
That’s right, the name says it all. This will run until the 30th April to give everyone the chance to enjoy spring, be inspired by it, and of course, send lots of entries for this ‘Spring Fever Spotlight’! And since at GiG we really love Spring too, we will be picking not one, but 3 winners for this spotlight and there’s a prize per winner! (Thanks to our lovely host Caity at Moi Contre La Vie for providing the prizes!!)

GiG Spotlight 5

Consider this spotlight as your Spring challenge to share with us your amazing tips (on literally anything!), beauty secrets for this season, Spring must-haves from head to toe, and lots of useful recommendations to…

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She breaks out of her shell

Man! I’m lovin’ her shorts, her belt, her blouse… All in one package! And one thing I like about this look is she looks effortlessly cute!  She said to me one time that;

  • If you want to spice up your daily fashion then you need to find out what that style is.
  • Change up your look without completely changing your style, use accessories.  
  • Don’t be afraid of anything just because you’re shy. Plain simple is boring sometimes. 
  • Whatever style you like, wear it! You can change your style to whatever you want.
  • Test out different styles in fashion. But in the end, it all depends on how you carry yourself, on how you feel when you dress. If you feel good and confident in your wardrobes then you have the perfect ensemble on! Just don’t forget to wear your heart to complete the look.

These are just a ‘’few’’ tips I’ve got from this gal Gigi. I find my cousin a very good example of a classy type of persona. A simple yet elegant fashionista.


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My 2013 spring outfit

IMG_20130419_131850DSCN1017DSCN1019DSCN1046IMG_20130419_131441IMG_20130419_132122DSCN1021Spring is finally here in full potency and today has been the most exceedingly beautiful weather for us here in Tx. With 63 °F high, I said WOW! This will be a great time for me to experiment. I know I had to get away from wearing a lot of dark colors every day, so anything that will brighten up my wardrobe for spring and summer,  like bright colors, florals, stripes and patterns  never go out of style.  So, I pull out some of my favorite spring pieces that I have in my closet. I like to mix and match! And today, I wear my Elegant Light Pink Chiffon  Long Beach Dress and I accessorized my head with scarf that matches my belt and footwear. With this combination, I looked fairly nice today. For my kataladz out there, I have tips on matching your clothes.  First, find colors that look good on you, any pastel colored flats will work like pink, light blue with skinny jeans and anything  florals. And boots are fun too! Black and white outfits are also very springy this season so you might as well choose these types of shades. With clothes you’ve already got in your closets, you can look to see if a top and bottom have a certain color in common. So pull ‘em up and try ‘em on!


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Looks of the Week

Moi Contre La Vie

That was quite the hiatus from Looks of the Week posts – The last one was in February! {Looks of the Week – Cape Edition} Well today I’m finally back with a fun round-up of colorful, print-tastic early Spring looks. For those of you, like me, who haven’t been able to break out the real Spring clothes yet due to weather these pictures are great inspiration!


{A pop of color? Check. Printed pants? Check. Embellishments? Check. This look has it all!}


{Thanks to Marc Jacobs retro styles & Mod prints are back in a major way for Spring – So why not embrace the trend and kill it in a sassy little shift?}

foto 4

{Casual Spring layering is an art – Putting together a look that’s stylish but casual & approachable can be hard. This is a great example of how to make relaxed fashion work – Great layering, plaid, knits…

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Floral Number

Perfect for spring!

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Essence Stay All Day Long-Lasting Eyeshadows

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Designer´s Monday // Anthropologie


Hello lovely and sunny Monday!

I have taken my Mac outside now to soak in the spring sun. With the appropriate attire, meaning a scarf and a thick jacket it feels more like summer.

Alongside my wonderful Sonas Denim offer, click here,I felt a longing for Anthropologie. 

This black maxi dress is on my wish list. I imagine myself away on some beach resort taking a stroll with it.

If you could pick one place, where would you travel? 


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